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Youth Soccer Lineup is more than a full-featured digital coach's clipboard. It’s an assistant coach that helps you manage your team, from generating smart, fair lineups to cueing your substitutions in real time.

Fun fact: A soccer coach with 15 players for 11 positions, substituting seven times during a game, has 436 billion choices for a lineup.


Let YSL help you pick one!


YSL covers the basics of score keeping and displaying your side on the field. But the app goes farther by automatically suggesting lineups for you, based on the strengths of your players and the options you set. The algorithm was originally designed to help coaches distribute play time equally among players (and their watchful parents), but new options let you prioritize fielding a strong side.


Create a lineup INSTANTLY before a game based on who’s there, or build and save one ahead of time. Start the clock at the whistle, and YSL will tell you when to get the next subs ready. Choose from a multitude of standard formations or build your own. See your side on the field in 3D—great for teaching young players. Print lineups or share them with parents or other coaches.


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