YSL collects no data other than what you enter for your team, players, and preferences.  YSL uses this data solely for the app’s lineup generation and team management functions.  YSL shares no data with any external entity.  YSL is not server-based; all data is stored exclusively on your devices and on iCloud, if you enable iCloud for YSL in your device’s settings.  Deleting YSL from devices and iCloud will destroy all user-entered data on teams and players.



YSL uses Apple's standard end-user license agreement.  Subscriptions to YSL allow you to enter data for your teams and players, with all app features enabled.  Without a subscription, you can only use the included “Demo team” to preview how the app works.  If you use the app with a subscription that subsequently expires, you will still have access to your data, but will be unable to add or edit teams and players or use the app for new games.  Renewing your subscription will enable all functions.